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WE Day!!

WE Day 

By Rhett, Fallon, Lucia, Breena and Allen (grade 5 Leaders - first time to WE Day)

We walked into the Saddledome where music was playing and kids were dancing.  At that point, we were so excited about the day!  The first thing we did was drop off all of the dead batteries that had been brought into the school.  For every AA battery the company Teck donates the equivalent amount of zinc tablets to save six children from zinc deficiency.  Check out for more information.  

Before the actual show started, they played music and we had to sing along.  They would turn the music down and we would continue singing.  This got the crowd pumped and ready for the day.

Each of the speakers and performers talked about the importance of local and global action and how proud they were of all of the students who had earned tickets to WE Day.

My favourite performer at WE Day was Brett Kissel because he is a country singer and I like his music.  I sang and danced as he sang Airwaves!  - Fallon

Before the start of the show when we got to dance and when we did the WE Day dance were my favourite parts of the show! - Allen

It was so cool watching how Spencer West was able to walk around on just his hands.  He could do a lot even though he doesn't have legs. - Lucia

I liked Rick Hansen's story.  He inspired me! - Breena

Brett Kissel is one of my favourite country singers.  He was my favourite performer.  - Rhett

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