School Fees

2019-2020 School Fees

Resident Student Fees                                        First Nations Student Fees

Gr.1-6:                                                                 Gr. 1-6:

$10.00 Agenda Fee                                             $10.00 Agenda fee

$35.00 Tech Fee                                                  $10.00 Total

$45.00 Total


Jr. High:                                                         Jr. High:

$10.00 Agenda Fee                                      $10.00 Agenda Fee

$40.00 Musical Instrument Fee                  $40.00 Musical Instrument Fee

$35.00 Tech Fee                                          $50.00 Total

$85.00 Total


Other Fee Information:

Yearbook (June Delivery) - $20.00 Color Yearbook 

Fee Notes: 

1. Funds collected are used at this school and form an important part of our revenue. Prompt payment greatly assists school operation. Cheques should be made payable to Arrowwood Community School.

2. Tech Fee - this fee supports student technology needs and access to computers.

3. Agenda Fee - this fee covers the cost of an agenda for the students which is used as a tool for communication between parents and teachers.

4. Musical Instrument Fee - this fee covers the cost of instrument rental and incidentals that are used for upkeep and maintenance of instruments as well as supplies required for instruments (i.e. reeds, music sheets etc.)

5. Payment Plan – Parents choosing to pay with a payment plan, monthly, quarterly or by semester, should contact Mrs. Holloway at 403-534-3825 to make arrangements. 

6. Specific fees will be prorated depending on arrival or departure month for students.

If the school's fees represent a financial hardship, please discuss this with our principal, Mrs. Shelley Davis Forman, as fees can be waived or refunded in these circumstances.