About Us


 We are a Leader in Me school.  For more information click on the picture.

Arrowwood schools humble beginnings began in 1915 with a small school located just outside of the village.  In 1920, the Arrowwood Consolidated School (the first one in Alberta) was built on the present property.  There have been additions throughout the years, and in 1965, the current building was built.  In 2012 the school experienced a fire that destroyed a majority of the building, which has since been beautifully renovated. 

Principal -  Shelley Davis Forman


Mrs. Janelle Lockhart - ECS Teacher 

Miss Brittany Biggar - Gr. 1/2

Miss Heather Williams - Gr. 3/4

Mrs. Kim Booth  - Gr.5/6

Mrs. Kyla Smith - Gr. 7/8/9


Mrs. Newbury: Gr.5/6 Music and Gr. 7/8/9 Band 

Mr. Mike Shain: Gr.3-9 Art


Support Staff:

Nikki Holloway - Administrative Assistant

Melanie Kuntz- Educational Assistant/Librarian

Lorna Malmberg - Educational Assistant

Darlene Crane - Educational Assistant

RuthAnn Sherstabetoff - Educational Assistant

Dan Doerksen - Low German Mennonite Liaison 

Frank Sitting Eagle - Siksika Liaison 


FSLC Counselor - Angela Hill

Making Connections Worker- Auburn Phillips