About Us


 We are a Leader in Me school.  For more information click on the picture.

Principal -  Shelley Davis Forman


Mrs. Janelle Lockhart - ECS Teacher 

Miss Brittany Biggar - Gr. 1/2

Miss Heather Williams - Gr. 3/4

Mrs. Kim Booth  - Gr.5/6

Mrs. Kyla Smith - Gr. 7/8/9


Mr. Brian Rodgers: Gr.5/6 Music and Gr. 7/8/9 Band 

Mr. Mike Shain: Gr.3-9 Art


Support Staff:

Nikki Holloway - Administrative Assistant

Lisa Kasper - Educational Assistant/Librarian

Lorna Malmberg - Educational Assistant

Heather Peterson - Educational Assistant

RuthAnn Sherstabetoff - Educational Assistant

Dan Doerksen - Low German Mennonite Liaison 

Frank Sitting Eagle - Siksika Liaison 


FSLC Counselor - Angela Hill

Community Connections Worker- Breanna Taylor