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Arrowwood Leadership Day!

Arrowwood School Leadership Day was a huge success!! We were very fortunate to have guests from the community, Bow River MP office, Palliser School Board, Palliser Central Office, as well as parents and grandparents.  The students did an amazingly creative job of presenting the 7 Habits through skits, speeches, songs and door displays. Guests were given tours of the school by Grade 1/2 and 3/4 Student Tour Guides, showcasing School, Classroom and Personal WIGs (Wildly Important Goals), Leadership Books,  classroom work and projects as well as displays of our Leadership Clubs. We finished the afternoon with a delicious carrot cake dessert made by students and the chance to sit and have conversation with student leaders.


Some thoughts left by guests:

" We had very friendly and well organized tour guides. The school looked great! I loved the doors!"


"The doors were fabulous! I thought the tours were really informative and my tour guides were awesome!!"


" I was very impressed with the presentations and the tour.  Thank-you to all the students and teachers for all your hardwork.”


"Day was great. Really enjoyed the tour! Arrowwood students and school are doing a perfect job of everything!"


"Thank you for showing us what leadership is all about. You all put on a great show. You all will be amazing leaders. Keep up the good work!!"


"How awesome our children are learning life long positive habits and the value of leadership!!"

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