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Free the Children

Arrowwood Students once again participated with Free the Children to make a difference in the world around us.

This year the students worked hard and raised money for a variety of causes. We had popcorn sales, hot lunches, food drives, rode bikes and wore flip flops to all try and make a difference for those in need.  

Our students have raised over $2500.00 for those in need in our county, country and world wide.  We had a food bank drive at halloween and Christmas which brought in $85.00 and multiple boxes of food.  We had 5 boys ride their bikes for 15 km over lunch hour and raised $320.00 towards Bio-sand water filters. Students did hot lunches, movie nights and bake sales to raise funds for Free the Children, Stars Ambulance, the Children's Hospital, Jr. Diabetes Research Foundation, Flip Flops for India and the Mustard seed which combined raised over $980.00!!  We recently had our loose change drive for Fort McMurray and raised over $650.00.

It is wonderful to belong to such a giving and caring school and community; where we look to the needs of others and take action!!! Way to go Arrowwood School and Arrowwood Community!!  We may be small but we have big hearts!

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